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Bruno is owned by an outside breeder we work closely with. We are so in love with this big blocky fun loving boy who loves belly scratches more than anything. We are so grateful and excited to have some litters planned.  Bruno is built for strength but his finest quality is his adorable sweet friendly happy CALM temperament. He is a big teddy bear, so fun to be around, very biddable, smart, loves affection and wants to be your best friend. He has kind expressive gentle soft eyes. He is very evenly proportioned, moderate size and is an exemplary representation of the golden retriever breed standard.  He has a THICK soft silky shiny gorgeous coat inherited by the many show champions in his pedigree. 

  • ​80 LBS 

  • CLEAR on genetic health testing

  • OFA GOOD hips, elbows, heart and eyes

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