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Jerry | Golden Retriever | Mae x Pedro 

We had an amazing experience with Kyra and Harley and cannot recommend Pineview enough! We are constantly stopped and complimented on Jerry's behavior and look - so handsome!

Jerry was already very adjusted to crate time when we picked him up and has loved sleeping in his crate from day 1. Both noise and touch have never bothered him and we really think all this is due to the way Kyra and Harley raise the pups in the first 8 weeks. It was obvious he was exposed to many different sounds, touch, and environments.

Jerry's personality is so fun, we just absolutely adore him. We began socializing him with visits to restaurants and patios early on and would receive several compliments on his temperament and behavior. We are never worried about introducing him to new people and places - he is everyone's best friend <3


Gus | Golden Retriever | Kovu x Pedro


We could not be more grateful for Pineview Puppies and give them our highest recommendation. Gus is a perfect puppy! He is ten months old now, and we continue to be so impressed by his temperament. He loves to adventure with us, but he is also mellow around the house. He charms every person he meets with his sweet and goofy personality and handsome face. He brings so much joy to our lives! Thank you, Pineview Puppies!


Pasquale | F1B Bernedoodle | Hunny x Ziggy 


Thankfully, I stumbled accross Pineview’s instagram account in November of 2020. I followed them and watched their personable instagram stories and posts for over 6 months until I finally applied on their website. Kyra Allen was kind, informative, and quick to respond to me. I ended up choosing a mini F1B bernedoodle. I picked Pasquale, “Squaly”  up at the Airport in SLC on October 29th, and the past two weeks have been the most joyous weeks of my life. I have never met a more lovable, well mannered, and intelligent puppy before. Squaly came already potty trained to use pee pads, which he had to use once on the plane ride home to Boston. I already have him trained to sit and lay down, and its only been 10 days since I got him. He sleeps soundlessly throughout the night in his crate. Thankfully, Kyra crate trains her puppies. My puppy has been going potty outside and is being trained to ring a bell that hangs from the door when he needs to go out. I look forward to someday purchasing another dog from Pineview, and cannot say enough good things about my experience! Thank you for bringing so much joy into the world, Kyra. 


Mack | F1B Bernedoodle | Hunny x Ziggy 


Mack has been with us for one week!  He is the biggest sweetheart.  He has adjusted so well to his crate and all the craziness of 2 other dogs and 4 kids.  Everyone is in love.  We are so impressed with his little personality and can’t wait to watch him as he gets older!


Ellie | Golden Retriever | Nala x Lincoln 


Our little Ellie girl is adjusting to her new home sooo well!! The first night was a little tough BUT she did perfect last night for her second night!! She slept through the night, no crying at all and no accidents in her crate! She waited all the way until I took her out this morning ☺️ and she’s starting to tell us when she has to go potty!!


It’s amazing - I’ve never seen such a SMART young puppy! She’s only had 1 accident in the house so far.. and we think it was just her nerves when we first brought her home. It’s so clear to us that you started her off in such a good way. She’s just so sweet, smart, social, confident... everything we could ever want. She’s a dream!! Just wanted to update you and say thank you! You really started our girl off right 💗


Bedford | F1 Goldendoodle | Nala x Red 

He has been doing AMAZING! We went from you in Utah - home to NYC - then unexpectedly back to Canada within a week. He has adjusted SO well to every environment and has embraced each of them.

He also got to meet his brother Barley and Uncle Jack in Canada who he is loving playing with 😊With us working from home means more 1 on 1 time! Which has been the best silver lining to the global environment. No matter where he is he prefers to be outside... particularly rolling in the snow! 

We are SOO in love (even though he’s embarrassed of the kisses I give in front of his friends) and thank you so much for everything you have done ❤️


Banksy | F1B Goldendoodle | Stella x Red 


All the puppies were cuddly, social, and so well taken care of. But Banksy immediately stole our hearts, and has been the best dog ever! He weighed 5.5 pounds on the day we took him home, and he now weighs 24 pounds at 7 months old. He was potty trained in just over a week, and is so intelligent! He is also so social with people and other dogs.


The Breeder’s are amazing breeders. They don’t just breed for physical traits, but for personality and temperament as well. We are so grateful to have found them, and Banksy has been the perfect little addition to our family!


Mango | F1 Goldendoodle | Nala x Red 


Hi Kyra, Its been a week since Mango came home. She is an amazing girl. So smart and gorgeous, we LOVE her so much. She has already learned her name, a few words and to potty outside. She even learned how to open her crate. We want to thank you for being such an awesome breeder, and bringing this little sweetheart to us. We wouldn't trade her for the world. 


Bogey | F1 Bernedoodle | Reeka x Ziggy 

We are so lucky to have found Pineview when we were looking to add a pup to our family. Kyra and Harley checked all the boxes! It was amazing to see how much love, time, and effort they put into ALL of their dogs and puppies.

Bogey is about 1.5 years old and has been an absolute dream. We could not imagine our life without him. The work they did with him before we brought him home made the transition so smooth and we are forever grateful to Pineview. We are already looking forward to when we can get our 2nd dog from them!

Harvey | F1 Bernedoodle | Myna x Ziggy


I can’t believe how fabulous our boy Harvey is! He is hands down the easiest puppy I have ever had! He was completely potty trained within 3 weeks and, even before then, any accidents he had were completely our fault for not reading his cues. I can count the number of accidents he’s ever had on one hand. He uses a bell to let us know when he needs to go out. He even uses that same bell when he’s inside to alert us that our other dog (Sally the Jack Russell) wants to come in.  Too sweet :-) 

He loves his crate and often chooses to relax in there with the door open even when we are home. He has the most awesome laid back personality! He loves everyone but does not jump all over them when he meets them. He keeps all four on the floor and waits for the attention. We go to the beach daily and he loves to play with other dogs.  He is super polite when meeting other dogs. He greets them and accesses whether they will want to play. He will not pester uninterested dogs. People can’t believe that he’s only 5 months old because he is so well behaved. He gets compliments wherever we go :-)
Harvey is absolutely everything we were looking for in a pup and more! He is super smart, affectionate, goofy, and playful.  

Thank you so much for producing this awesome guy! I absolutely believe that your commitment to ethical and responsible breeding and pup raising in your program is the reason we have such a wonderful dog in Harvey!  

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