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Gus | Golden Retriever | Kovu x Pedro


We could not be more grateful for Pineview Puppies and give them our highest recommendation. Gus is a perfect puppy! He is ten months old now, and we continue to be so impressed by his temperament. He loves to adventure with us, but he is also mellow around the house. He charms every person he meets with his sweet and goofy personality and handsome face. He brings so much joy to our lives! Thank you, Pineview Puppies!


Jerry | Golden Retriever | Mae x Pedro 

We had an amazing experience with Kyra and Harley and cannot recommend Pineview enough! We are constantly stopped and complimented on Jerry's behavior and look - so handsome!

Jerry was already very adjusted to crate time when we picked him up and has loved sleeping in his crate from day 1. Both noise and touch have never bothered him and we really think all this is due to the way Kyra and Harley raise the pups in the first 8 weeks. It was obvious he was exposed to many different sounds, touch, and environments.

Jerry's personality is so fun, we just absolutely adore him. We began socializing him with visits to restaurants and patios early on and would receive several compliments on his temperament and behavior. We are never worried about introducing him to new people and places - he is everyone's best friend <3


Ellie | Golden Retriever | Nala x Lincoln 


Our little Ellie girl is adjusting to her new home sooo well!! The first night was a little tough BUT she did perfect last night for her second night!! She slept through the night, no crying at all and no accidents in her crate! She waited all the way until I took her out this morning ☺️ and she’s starting to tell us when she has to go potty!!


It’s amazing - I’ve never seen such a SMART young puppy! She’s only had 1 accident in the house so far.. and we think it was just her nerves when we first brought her home. It’s so clear to us that you started her off in such a good way. She’s just so sweet, smart, social, confident... everything we could ever want. She’s a dream!! Just wanted to update you and say thank you! You really started our girl off right 💗


Milo | Golden Retriever | Mae x Toby 

Kyra and her lovely family do an incredible job of raising each litter of pups until they’re ready to go to their forever homes. Our little Milo brings so much joy into our lives and is a real show stopper anytime we bring him out. I would (and do) recommend pineview to anyone looking for quality and adorable goldens.

Buck & Bult | Golden Retriever | Oatmeal x Legend 


After spending years watching our friends who have Pineview Puppies, we knew they had a special program and that we wanted to be a part of it. Pineview does such an incredible job raising strong, confident, beautiful, calm dogs. Every step of the way from the moment you put your deposit down, Kyra is responsive and keeps you well informed of the process until you take home your puppy. We are so grateful to be part of the Pineview family!

Our boys are now 6 months old, Buck and Bolt. They bring such joy to everyone who sees them! We get compliments on their behavior, temperament and confidence from various people, including our veterinarian at our first visit when they were just 8 weeks old. We knew Kyra did a great job, but once we got our pups, we learned just how incredibly well she prepares these pups with impactful tools and experiences in their first 8 weeks of life. We look forward to being members of the Pineview family for many years to come! Thank you for all you do!

Xuixo | Golden Retriever | Maime x Maverick 


Back in 2020 my sister sent me Pineview’s Instagram page when I told her that we were looking for a Golden Retriever puppy. For two years, we followed along in so many other’s journeys as puppies were selected and brought to their forever homes. Fast forward October 2022, we got married and decided to send in and application. Kyra made the entire process so painless, and being able to see the puppies regularly on their instagram stories had us counting down the days. Knowing the puppies were being cared for and raised in such a positive way was something that meant a lot to us. We hired Natasha as our flight nanny, and she kept us updated the entire day as she and our new puppy made their way to us. I highly recommend using Pineview and their flight nanny services if you are also looking to add one of their sweet puppies to your family. We have never been happier and we love him so much!


Molly | Golden Retriever | Oatmeal x Legend 


We adopted our Golden Retriever Molly from Pineviewpuppies. Molly is the most lovable, sweet dog in the world ! She has the most amazing temperament! She is absolutely beautiful, loves our family! And we love her very much! She is so good with kids! We have 2 kids, Molly plays with them all day! What an amazing dog for our family! I absolutely will recommend anyone that is looking for an amazing Golden Retriever to buy it from Kyra! She is very nice and answered all of my questions. Molly is the best thing that happened to our family! She helps my son that has mild Autism. She’s always with him, plays with him, sleeps with him, keeps him very calm and my loves playing with my daughter.


Lady | Golden Retriever | Oatmeal x Duke 

I just wanted to pop in to say how appreciative I am of you guys! I get compliments all the time about not only how beautiful Lady is but what a great temperament she has especially for a puppy! I’m newly working with a trainer and he was just amazed at how incredibly well mannered she is. He asked where I got her from because he said that the first 8 weeks is super crucial in building the framework for temperament and receptiveness to training etc and she obviously was raised very well and is absolutely stunning. So I just wanted to extend that compliment to you and thank you again for blessing my life with my sweet Lady girl.


She loves everyone and everything! She will run up to any person or dog, doesn’t matter stranger or not, and just plop over on their feet for belly rubs. The vacuum, the doggie blow dryer and the washer/dryer are oddly her favorite things haha. She always looks so serious but has the sweetest, most loving personality and LOVES to sit on your lap! If she chews her bully stick, she prefers that you sit on the floor with her and hold it so she can chew it better 😂  oh! And when she doesn’t get her way, she totally grumbles and serves the meanest puppy eyes in protest 😭

Side note… she is the BEST when it comes to her crate. She has slept through the night every single night since the day I got her with no accidents or crying. I’m so beyond impressed! Thank you for crate training her so well! 💓


Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 7.26.58 PM.jpeg

Enzo | Golden Retriever | Ella x Bowie 

First off we would like to say THANK YOU!  He is absolutely 100% the best thing we ever did. We can not express how much love and joy he has brought to the whole family.  While he may have been only 5 pounds when he came home he is absolutely flourishing. At 27 weeks he is 50 lbs. I maybe biased but he is gorgeous (and looks just like Ella and Bowie). 

Thank your sister again for us for being a great flight nanny everything went so smoothly with her and we loved getting the pics from his journey. They are some our favorites! 

When Enzo first came home the transition was so easy. Thank you for all you do with the pups from birth thru 8 weeks because your hard work shows. Enzo was calm, potty trained, on a schedule, crate trained, loved to be handled by children, and was so loving. 

His assessment that you had done was spot on 100% accurate!  He is super intelligent. We have had a lot of goldens thru the years and he is hands down the smartest. He is always eager to learn new hard things  and is very eager to please. He is super athletic (and has a love of fetch like Ella)  and is so sweet and calm.  He loves to explore and he follows us everywhere. He flew thru training and our trainer is beyond impressed.

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