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At Pineview Puppies we believe that every dog deserves to have a loving, forever home. To ensure we're able to give all of our dogs the very best life we limit the number of dogs living in our home. Guardian homes allow us to expand our breeding program by placing the dog in a loving home where they are a valued family member. 


​Becoming a guardian home gives you the opportunity to have one of our top notch pick of the litter puppies. Pineview Puppies will retain full ownership and breeding rights for a specified period of time. After the breeding period is over, the dog will be spayed/neutered and ownership will be signed over to the guardian family.

There are many things that potential Guardian families need to consider. Guardians of females will have to deal with several heat cycles (it can be messy). The guardian will need to learn the signs of a heat cycle and be willing to communicate, cooperate and coordinate with us to ensure a successful breeding. Guardians must be okay with dog spending time away from their home. Our Guardian Families get to enjoy the excitement of being apart of our breeding program and seeing the joy the offspring of their dog brings to all of our amazing puppy families. 

Being a guardian family is an amazing opportunity. It's also a big commitment. Please be sure you meet all requirements before you apply.

Guardians of females must notify us immediately when they notice signs of heat cycle. Once the female is ready to be bred we will keep her at our house for a few days during the breeding process. After she has been bred she will be returned to the guardian family. The guardian family will care for her during her pregnancy. She will come back to our home a week before her due date, she will stay with us for 6-8 weeks while she whelps her puppies. We typically breed our females back to back, unless our vet recommends differently. Females usually whelp 4 litters depending on how well she does during pregnancy/being a mother. 

Guardian Responsibilities:

- Safely confine dog by use of a physical fence or leash.

- Maintain peak level of health and weight at all times.

- Provide housebreaking by the age of nine months.

- Keep the dog accustomed to periods of time in the crate.

- Provide adequate but not excessive exercise daily.

- Provide basic obedience training: “come”, “sit”, “stay”, “stay back from door”,

“crate” (no dashing out of doors), no jumping on people.

- Provide vet care for all non- breeding related expenses, including but not limited to: vaccinations, deworming, parasite control, food, and emergency vet expenses.

- Keep dog free from fleas and other parasites.

- If possible deliver the dog to Breeder or meet Breeder upon request with 24-hour notice for breeding purposes, testing, etc.

- Contact Breeder immediately in the event of serious illness or accident including severe diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting, etc.

- Keep dog away from INTACT FEMALES/MALES while in season.

- Feed high quality food and give “Nuvet” Nutritional & Nujoint DS supplements daily.

- In the event that dog does not pass health testing, Guardian will not be required to pay the Breeder any purchase price, and will be allowed to keep the dog as a pet. In this event, dog will be spayed/neutered at Breeder’s expense.

- Guardian agrees to keep dog away from the floor or ground of public places such as pet stores, parks, dog parks, groomer and the floor of vet office until the DHPV series is complete (approximately 16 weeks). This is to prevent parvo, a deadly disease to puppies.

- Keep dog well socialized with other dogs and people of all ages.

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