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We're changing the way we do our waitlists. Instead of being placed on specific litter lists, we will now keep a master list of every person who has placed a deposit. Once a litter is born we will email the families at the top of the list. You will have the option to take a puppy from the litter or remain on the list and wait for the next litter. 

Once you have decided to move from the master list to a litter list, you will start getting updates on the puppies. We try to highlight the pups often via Instagram stories to show you their growth and development. We’ll do our best to describe them so that you can get to know them as intimately as possible and hopefully by the time selection rolls around you’ll have a couple favorites picked out. We will begin puppy selection when the puppies are seven weeks old. Selection is based on the order of deposits placed.

When the puppies are seven weeks old, we will do a full evaluation using the Badass breeder service and therapy temperament test. We will send you a video of the evaluation, pictures of the individual puppies, and the puppy evaluation assessment. If you aren't able to visit your puppy in person we can facetime during the selection process. 

Please fill out an application to be added to our waitlist.

Pineview Puppies reserves the right to first and second pick of any litter


Updated on April 11th, 2024

Golden Retriever Master List - Sheet1-15.jpeg
Golden Retriever Master List - Sheet1-15.jpeg
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