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Meet the Mamas 


Maime is everything we could have hoped and dreamed for in a Golden Retriever. She has a stunning blocky athletic build, dark pigmented eyes and a beautiful silky soft thick coat. Her gait is free, smooth and has correct reach and drive.


Maime is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. She loves people, especially children. She enjoys swimming, hiking, camping, playing fetch, and snuggling with her 3 little humans. Maime really is the full package. She comes from the most incredible pedigree full of noble champions. We are over the moon excited to have her in our program. 


Ella has been the perfect addition to our family. Everyday spent with her, our love and admiration grows. Ella comes from a show pedigree full of international champions. She has a stunning athletic, strong, muscular build.  Her gait is free, smooth, powerful and well coordinated, showing good reach. She has dark pigmented eyes, with a beautiful thick, silky, straight "golden" coat.


Ella has a very calm, yet quick drive about her.  She is highly intelligent and eager to please. She picks up on new commands quickly and is happy to do what is asked of her. One of our favorite things about Ella is her drive. Ella is always the first to get the ball and would fetch for days on end if we let her.  She also enjoys swimming and is starting to show some very impressive dock diving skills. Ella is all around the perfect Golden Retriever. We're so happy to have her in our family. 


If we had to choose one word to describe Oatmeal it would be "perfect." She is an excellent representation of what a Golden Retriever should be both in physical composition and in personality. She is a fan favorite wherever she goes - people love her and she loves them right back. Oat greets every person she meets with so much love. We can't get enough of her. Oatmeal has a beautiful, strong, blocky, muscular build. She has the thickest and softest coat I've ever seen on a Golden. 

Oatmeal has a very easy going, go with the flow type personality. She's happy as long as she has her people near her. She enjoys swimming, hiking, going on walks with our family, bike rides, and anything that involves her getting some pets. 


Posey is from Lucy x Pedro and is the world’s sweetest dog. She loves people and lives for human interaction. Posey spends her days playing with her young human siblings. She is very sweet natured and full of so much love and affection. Posey is always up for an adventure. She loves to play fetch, play in any sort of water, go on walks, and explore new things. She is the life of the party.


Posey has a beautiful blocky build, dark pigmented eyes and a thick silky soft coat.

We're  beyond excited to have Posey in our program.


Annie is a daughter of Mae x Pedro and is the perfect mix of the two. Annie is sweet, easy going, and loves to explore. She is highly intelligent and so eager to please. We love seeing all of the fun tricks her guardian family teaches her. Annie enjoys spending time with her family, she loves going on walks, lounging around at home, cuddling with her people, and trying to bribe her older fur sister to play with her. 


One of the first things you'll notice about Annie is her beautiful blocky head. She has a strong muscular build, straight silky soft coat, and stunning feathers on her chest and legs.


Cheeto is very sweet natured and full of love and affection. Her favorite place to be is right by your side. She is always up for an adventure and loves to hike, swim, play fetch, and explore the great outdoors. Its always a good time when Cheeto is near. 


Cheeto is the daughter of Scarlett x Jake from Sunnysidegoldens. She comes from an amazing pedigree stacked with champions. Cheeto has as stunning athletic build, blocky head, and a sleek dark red coat. We're so excited to have her in our program. 


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