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Honey is from Oatmeal x Legend's litter and is the perfection combination of the two. She is everything we have hoped and dreamed for. 

She has a beautiful blocky build, just like her mama Oatmeal and the softest, thickest, plush coat. She has the classic golden coat with some light under tones - the best mix, not too light, not too dark.

Honey is an absolute joy to be around. Anyone who meets her goes on and on about how beautiful she is and they can't believe that she's a purebred Golden Retriever. Honey loves meeting new people and makes friends wherever she goes but nothing makes her happier than being with her family. She is extremely affectionate and lives for snuggles. 


It feels like a dream come true to have Berkeley in our program. 

 Berkeley has a beautiful soft expression, dark pigmented eyes, and the softest golden coat. 


She is confident, playful, smart and loving. Everyone who meets her instantly falls in the love with her easy going personality and strictly beautiful looks. Her temperament is very courageous along with a healthy amount of physical desire to be playful with her pack-mates or with her humans.  Berkeley loves playing fetch, swimming, hiking, camping, or just lounging around the house and getting some snuggles. 


Annie is a daughter of Mae x Pedro. Annie is absolutely stunning! She has a beautiful blocky build, long thick coat, and a big blocky head. She has a very nice masculine look about her. 


We love her sweet, easy going, go with the flow personality. When Annie isn't getting our attention, she can be found doing her own thing and off in her own world. Annie enjoys spending time with her family, she loves going on walks, lounging around at home, cuddling with her people, and trying to bribe her older fur sister to play with her. 


Nala is a beautiful, confident, playful, smart and loving female in our program. Nala comes from a beautiful pedigree and we're so excited to have her lines in our program. She has a beautiful blocky head, an elegant complexion, stunning athletic build, dark pigmented eyes and nose, a beautiful silky DARK red coat. 

Nala radiates happiness, she loves everyone she meets, especially children. She is obsessed with our kids and follows them everywhere. She is always making sure our kids are safe and aren't getting into trouble, its so sweet.  She is obedient and loves to be around and please humans. She enjoys running around outside and exploring her surroundings but her favorite thing to do is snuggle up along side us.


 Oatmeal is an excellent representation of what a Golden Retriever should be both in physical composition and in personality. She is a fan favorite wherever she goes - people love her and she loves them right back. Oat greets every person she meets with so much love. We can't get enough of her. Oatmeal has a beautiful, strong, blocky, muscular build. She has the thickest and softest coat I've ever seen on a Golden. Anytime people see her they always ask what she's mixed with, because they can't believes she is a pure Golden. 

Oatmeal has a very easy going, go with the flow type personality. She's happy as long as she has her people near her. She enjoys swimming, hiking, going on walks with her family, bike rides, and anything that involves her getting some pets. 


Ella has been the perfect addition to our family. Everyday spent with her, our love and admiration grows. Ella comes from a show pedigree full of international champions. She has a stunning athletic, strong, muscular build.  Her gait is free, smooth, powerful and well coordinated, showing good reach. She has dark pigmented eyes, with a beautiful thick, silky, straight light golden coat.

Ella has a very calm, yet quick drive about her.  She is highly intelligent and eager to please. She picks up on new commands quickly and is happy to do what is asked of her. One of our favorite things about Ella is her drive. Ella is always the first to get the ball and would fetch for days on end if we let her.  She also enjoys swimming and is starting to show some very impressive dock diving skills. Ella is all around the perfect Golden Retriever. We're so happy to have her in our family. 


Rosie is as sweet as she is beautiful. She comes from the most incredible pedigree full of notable champions. Her pedigree has taken years to build and culminate, using only the finest breeding pairs. We love Rosie's soft expression, blocky head, and slender alethic build. She has a classic golden coat with beautiful light undertones. 

Rosie has a very gentle yet assertive energy about her. She loves everyone she meets and greets them with softness. Rosie is highly intelligent and eager to please and will do just about anything for a treat. We're so lucky to have Rosie in our lives and program. 


Posey is from Lucy x Pedro and is the world’s sweetest dog. She loves people and lives for human interaction. Posey spends her days playing with her young human siblings. She is very sweet natured and full of so much love and affection. Posey is always up for an adventure. She loves to play fetch, play in any sort of water, go on walks, and explore new things.



Jade is very sweet natured and full of love and affection. Her favorite place to be is right by your side. Jade is always up for an adventure- she loves running around our property, playing with toys, chasing butterflies, and playing with her brother Romeo. 


 She comes from an amazing pedigree stacked with notable champions. Jade has the most beautiful, plush, thick, 'golden' coat. She has a stunning blocky build. Anytime we take Jade out in public, people are shocked that she's a pure Golden Retriever because of how blocky and fluffy she is.  We're so honored to have Jade in our program. She's the best girl. 

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